More and more professionals are not actively looking for new jobs. Nevertheless, it is precisely this staff that is successfully acquired by headhunters and convinced of employment in new companies.Are Headhunters the cherry pickers on the job market?

Headhunters bring companies and qualified specialists together in a targeted manner and often help employees to find completely (unplanned) new directions. Because Headhunter specifically court people who didn’t even know that they were looking for a new job.

“For example, we rely heavily on social media and software based on artificial intelligence to find the right staff our clients want in a very targeted manner.” Oliver Teuber, General Manager RecruitKing FZCO

Headhunter and Talent Manager create talent pools for their clients that would otherwise hardly have been accessible. This makes headhunters more and more popular for companies – especially with the opportunities available today – and in return gives them control over an exclusive job market.

Why companies consciously choose Headhunters, among other things:

“A large number of companies make a conscious decision to hire a Headhunter and to forego other measures”, explains Oliver Teuber. One reason for this would be discretion. After all, a Manager should not necessarily find out that a successor is already being sought.

On the other hand, the companies know that a specialized Recruiting Company have special softwares and tools to make the “cherry picking” on the skilled labor market really fruitful.

“It is possible for us to search for qualifications, level of education, current employer, previous employer or also for people’s interests in order to locate “highest possible match”, Oliver Teuber continues.

“Of course we also use our network here and there, which by the way is growing enormously every day, but one can say that around 75-80% of the applications for our clients can be traced back to the research of our employees.”

Finally, he mentions: “One can therefore say that picking cherries is our daily bread, which we like to repeat fay after day and over and over again.”


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