There are many mistakes that can be made in the recruiting process. We want to go into the biggest mistakes and address them.

Attractiveness of the job description:

Unfortunately, many employers still do not give enough thought to the attractiveness of the job description. Be it in terms of content or structure. As a result, potential prospects are no longer interested in dealing with the job description.

The wrong speech/approach:

Recruiting someone directly (e.g. as a Headhunter) for a job is like selling someone something. From the first contact to the first interview, the person addressed must develop a serious interest and want to seize this opportunity. However, this interest can quickly be lost through incorrect addressing and approach, so that a certain degree of sensitivity is required, especially in this process, in order not to lose good staff unnecessarily.

“Recruiting someone directly for a job is like selling someone something.”Oliver Teuber, General Manager RecruitKing FZCO

For this reason, it is essential to consider the right approach to reach the interest of the candidates.

Missing branding:

It is important to brand yourself as a company, but it is also important to brand yourself as an employer. Especially when you need excellent staff for important positions. Really good staff wo are willing to change usually find out about the future employer in advance. If, for example, there is bad reputation on the web (website, social media channels, content marketing), the candidate could quickly lose interest due to the lack of branding. That’s why it’s extremely important to have good branding.

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  • Leadership / strategic / HR service provide for clients.
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Reach the wrong candidates = waste of time:

Especially in the United Arab Emirates, but also in other heavily populated countries/cities, many companies make the mistake of addressing their vacancies to the wrong target group. This quickly leads to 400 or more candidates applying for a single position. This leads to an overloaded HR department and causes unnecessary waste of time. It is much more efficient to hire specialists who,  at best, can use software and tools and also have the experience and knowledge to approach to find exactly the candidates who meet the requirements 100%. In this way, you only receive the best candidates and relieve your HR department.

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