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Excellent Profiles

You’ll get highly qualified candidates within 5 days – contractually guaranteed!

No Upfront Fees

You will only be charged a commission if you hire someone from our site.

No Worries Anymore

We will always find the right person for your vacant position. Trust us!

Omnipresent As An Attractive Employer

Through our acquisition methods, you will be perceived as an attractive and alway present employer.

Detailed Pre-Qualification

We screen all the candidates very carefully and check all the information provided.

Unique AI-Based Software

We use our own AI-based software to find exactly the personnel you need.

We make the difference

We will find the right candidates - with our AI-based HR-Software

Not only an excellent network, but also the right tools make the difference.

With our in-house AI-based software, we find the right staff for you in record time. Therefore, you can be sure that you are hiring exactly the right headhunter with RecruitKing.

  • Unique in-house AI-based software to find the right staff
  • Qualified candidates within 5 working days
  • No upfront fees & free replacement

Would you like to get qualified candidates within 5 days? Contact Us!

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