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Professional Headhunter - Without Upfront Fees

We work success-based, independent and focused to offer you the best service as a Headhunter.

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Our Satisfied Clients

50 +

Employees Worldwide

Best conditions

No upfront fees, free replacement and top-candidates in record time.

Excellent communication

We listen carefully and understand you in order to find the best possible candidates for your vacancies.

Detailed screening of candidates

Before you receive the candidates, we check that all requirements are met and whether the person fits your company.

Unique personalities

As a rule, our clients receive 5-10 suitable candidates which perfectly match the vacancy to be filled.

Headhunting as its best!

This is how we acquire the right staff for you

More efficient than the others. Faster than the others.

Our Talent Managers use our in-house AI-based software and every corner of the web to connect with the people who fit your needs.

In addition to our AI-based software, we also use social media tools and social media advertisement to search and find the right candidates.

For some of our vacancies we also use our international, global network which extends across the entire globe.

Our Specialties

Recruitment And
Executive Search

We connect the right people with the right companies. No matter if C-Level or other vacancies. We’ll do it.

Global Executive Search - Your local headhunter

Finding the right C-Level person can be very time-consuming and expensive. If you hire a “normal” headhunter, they often lack the experience, opportunities and network to find the right profiles.

Through global projects for various large companies and/or groups from Europe and the Middle East region, we have the expertise to find exactly the profiles for you that are actually suitable for you.

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Get the best experienced professionals

When it comes to recruiting the best experienced professionals, we are reliable experts at your side. With experience in Europe, Middle East and the USA, we know the job markets and the most efficient methods to find the right staff for you.

Cheerful dream team, senior and experienced IT professionals in business suits smiling and happy holding thumb up and looking at camera, diverse group of project managers outside office building.

Young professionals - willing to learn and focused

Young professionals with experience often bring a certain dynamic into your company and are therefore alway in demand. We pay attention to people who are willing to learn and focused and pick them up for your company.

Outdoor shot of prosperous delighted male entrepreneur searches successful ideas for business in internet, uses modern tablet computer, dressed in formal suit. Male economist with digital device

Fresh Graduates who are ready to live your philosophy

Through connections to various universities worldwide as well as organizers and “connectors” of recognized leaderships, we are able to recruit the best fresh graduates for your vacancy.

Fresh graduates are often the most receptive and willing to learn employees who bring a high level of commitment.

We bring exactly these people into your company.

  • Professional Headhunting
  • Without Upfront Fees
  • Free Replacement
  • Let's schedule a meeting
  • Specialized Headhunter
  • Without Upfront Fees
  • Free Replacement
  • Let's schedule a meeting
  • Effective Guideline

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